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Philippines' Globe Telecom launches Asia's first 'eco-SIM' card

As a leader in the mobile sector in the Philippines, Globe Telecom has contributed to ecological sustainability by launching the first-ever Eco-SIM card for its postpaid mobile customers for the first time in Asia and hosting Zero Waste Month in January.

The SIM card is one of the smallest consumer goods in the world, weighing about four grams. ​Nevertheless, about 4.5 billion SIM cards and Pr phone cards are manufactured each year, equivalent to 20,000 tonnes of plastic and other polymers, the weight of 4,000 jeeps.

a4c6d88539142eb071d4c197c3b84a6dTogether with partner Thales, Globe Telecom commenced utilizing eco-SIM cards in November 2021, made from 100% recycled materials, including polystyrene waste from refrigerators.

"For us to genuinely gain a foothold in the fight against climate change, all of us must take responsibility for sustainable action." Yoly Crisanto, Globe Telecom's chief sustainability officer and senior vice president of corporate communications.

SICK Smart Sensor (Germany)

Sick-sensor Intelligence, Germany, focuses on providing increasingly intelligent global leading Sensor components and overall solutions for logistics automation, factory automation and process automation. Founded in 1946, Thicke has grown into a leading global group of companies. SICK's continuous innovation, leading technology and strict cost control have ensured its leading position in a wide range of global application markets.

Outstanding features: SICK sensor is a photoelectric device as a conversion element sensor. It can be used to detect the direct cause of the change of light quantity of non-electricity, such as light intensity, illuminance, radiation temperature, gas composition analysis and so on; ​it can also be used to detect other non-electric quantities that can be converted into changes in light quantity, such as part diameter, surface roughness, strain, displacement, vibration, velocity, acceleration, and recognition of object shape and working state.

Especially its photoelectric sensor has the characteristics of non-contact, fast response, reliable performance and so on, so it is widely used in industrial automation devices and robots. The continuous emergence of new optical and electronic devices from SICK Sensor, especially the birth of CCD image sensor, has broken new ground for the further use of SICK sensor sensors.

Halo Infinity's open world is smaller than expected

In a recent interview, 343 Industries creative director Joseph Staten pointed out that Halo Infinity's open world has been scaled down significantly from the original vision.

Staten says that before he joined 343, the team had a lot of discussions about map size and biome diversity, and even after he joined 343, he had to compromise on downsizing because of graphical fidelity issues.

"We didn't have the time to pursue all the levels of verisimiliteness we wanted," Staten says. "We made huge strides from the E3 demo to the launch, but we still had to downsize and make targeted cuts." "While we didn't end up cutting a lot out of the open world, I do know that Halo Infinity is pretty much scaled back from what the team had hoped they would achieve from the original design."

Why are hybrid drives suddenly not so popular?

Today, solid state drives are almost universally available, but a decade ago, they were not just big enough to install an operating system, and the high price of NAND FLASH meant that solid state drives were only a "supplement" for advanced gamers. But do you know, in order to bring users a better use experience with the lowest cost, traditional storage manufacturers have paid a lot of efforts, launched a lot of bright but quite a few products, such as the flash in the pan hybrid hard drive SSHD.

Solid-state drives can be simply described as a hybrid of NAND FLASH particles and mechanical hard drives. They look a bit like mechanical hard drives with a large cache, but they operate in a completely different way. The hard disk chip is DDR DRAM chip, the capacity from a few MB to hundreds of MB, mainly for the mechanical hard disk to provide data buffer role; The NAND FLASH particle capacity of hybrid hard disk is usually a few GB to dozens of GB, mainly to use its advantages of high speed access to improve the average access time of mechanical hard disk, and the main body of storage is still high capacity mechanical hard disk part. Somewhat similar to the "Ready Boost" mechanism in Windows Vista and Windows 7.

01 What are the advantages of Hybrid hard drives?
In principle, hybrid drives record the most frequently read and written data at a given moment and store it in the most responsive NAND FLASH, thus achieving performance comparable to solid-state drives. Although it sounds simple and straightforward, hybrid hard drives have their own set of mechanisms that work independently of the operating system. So solid state disk performance? It's no exaggeration to say that Word also has the opening speed of Notepad. When the system is hibernating, data in the memory can be written to the NAND FLASH. When the system is woken up, the system returns to the previous working state. However, the mechanical hard disk may still be powered on to read page files.

I once installed a 2.5-inch Western Digital hybrid hard drive into a Microsoft XBOX ONE X game console. The hard disk is part of the high-end "black disk" series, which uses a combination of 8GB NAND FLASH and 1TB 7200 RPM mechanical hard disk. In the Assassin's Creed Origins DLC Curse of the Pharaohs, after the main character Bayek jumps to his death from a statue of Ramses the Great several times, the game loads in seconds, comparable to a solid state drive.

Not only to achieve the performance and capacity "fish and bear's paw" have it all, mix hard disk will be frequently used data to NAND FLASH will make mechanical drive part after a halt "standby", stay will start only when there is new data to read and write, thus reducing the mechanical hard disk heads, frequency and the rotation of the disc, speaking, reading and writing time, improve performance at the same time also makes the service life is much higher, And reduced power consumption. Although hybrid hard drives are more expensive than mechanical hard drives, the terabyte solid state drives of ten years ago were extremely expensive, and were only used in data centers and other fields, so they were considered an important "milestone" on the road to SSD popularization.

02 Hybrid hard disk how become chicken ribs?
True hybrid drive has many advantages, but it may be said "into also principle and principle", once met a large amount of data continue to write, after running out of small capacity NAND FLASH capacity, weak mechanical hard disk read and write performance will betray oneself, especially some with a mixture of large capacity hard disk is 5400 RPM SMR "imbricated type" mechanical hard disk... You know. Therefore, the hybrid hard disk is not only not popular in the consumer field, but also failed to replace the traditional mechanical hard disk in the enterprise application field.

The last straw that broke the "camel" of hybrid hard disk is the continuously lower price and increasing capacity of solid state disk. Not only the mainstream m.2 NVMe PCIe3.0 1TB product has reached the price of 500 yuan, but the 128GB capacity of SATA solid state disk has fallen below the 100 yuan threshold, becoming the standard of modern installation. While the mechanical hard disk is into the NAS, monitoring and mobile hard disk "cold", so the situation of the mixed hard disk is more embarrassing, become a real ribs product, mainstream e-commerce platform is not sold, want to taste the new students can only go to the universal treasure.

V News announced that Steam console supply chain issues to improve production will continue to increase

Valve officially released a production update for Steam Decks today, revealing that Steam Deck production has improved faster than previously expected and is meeting customer demand faster than expected. Many of the supply-chain problems are fading, and officials will continue to ramp up production. It is expected that all current orders will be shipped within this year.

V News announced that Steam console supply chain issues to improve production will continue to increase
Original official announcement:

Everybody is good! We are excited to announce that we will be able to fill our pre-order queue faster than expected. Many of the supply chain shortages affecting Steam Decks are gradually being eliminated and we will continue to scale up production so we can produce more decks faster than before.

As of today, we've updated the pre-order window so that anyone currently in the pre-order queue can receive an email about the Steam Deck this year. Many customers previously in the "fourth quarter or later" booking window have been moved to the "third quarter (July-September)" window; And everyone else is now unquestionably in the "fourth quarter (October-December)" window.

From now on, new bookings will fall into the fourth quarter, but will fall into the next quarter when the queue is full. To see your booking window, visit the site after you log in.

We're thrilled to be able to get the Steam Deck to you sooner than expected. It's been gratifying to see the positive feedback and positive impressions, as well as the amazing things that have been happening with the Steam Deck, and we can't wait to see more of them in the coming months.

Can the right CPU save money on graphics cards?

The problem gamers often face is how to squeeze the maximum performance out of a limited budget. But 30 series of graphics card high premium let many players crowded machine dream shattered, often thousands of yuan of premium but graphics card price compared to the price of the whole machine many years ago, is the crowded machine no solution?

In fact, you may have forgotten a magical existence in the computer: kernel display!

I can already see you frowning in front of the screen: does the kernel work? If it is the early core display, it is basically bright machine and office use, but "don't be three days when the eye", now the video card has been able to be used.

Take the current mainstream CPU as an example, the Core I5-12600 and above is powered by the UHD770, which is roughly equivalent to the GTX 460 graphics card and can play Call of Duty 8, CS:GO, Need for Speed 16, etc., but I don't recommend buying the 12600 because it starts too high. The UHD730 is used for I5-12400 and below.

Can the right CPU save money on graphics cards?When it comes to AMD, the Ryryn 5000 series is equipped with Radeon Vega Graphics core display, and its performance is comparable to that of GTX 750Ti. In addition to PUBG and Tomb Raider, there are also 3A big games that can be played in low quality, including The Witcher 3, The Elder Scrolls 5, and other games. Fallout 4, etc., is my preferred platform.

Therefore, players can choose 5600G and 5700G. Among them, 5600G is more suitable for players with less high CPU requirements. It has 6 cores and 12 threads, and the CPU frequency is 3.6ghz and the acceleration frequency is 4.4ghz.

AMD Ryzen 7 5700G is a processor with 8 cores and 16 threads, which is also the flagship model of Ryzen 5000G series processors. The main CPU frequency is 3.8ghz, the acceleration frequency is 4.6ghz, and the three-level cache is 16MB. If you consider adding an independent graphics card in the future, you can also consider this CPU.

Of course, the most cost-effective CPU to buy of course or set, but also need to pay attention to the purchase of the motherboard collocation as far as possible to choose mainstream reputation of good products, because some work package customized motherboard in the power supply and interface is more economical, later upgrade may encounter a bottleneck.

Finally, we should remind you that the matching platform must choose dual channel memory, so that the performance of the unique display can be better played out, although the price of 2 8G memory is a little more expensive than the price of a single 16G, but believe me, the money is worth it!

Microsoft confirms: Halo Infinity Campaign co-op mode does not support online matching

Microsoft confirms: Halo Infinity Campaign co-op mode does not support online matching

Eight months after the release of Halo Infinity, the long-awaited campaign co-op test has finally arrived. However, the game's campaign co-op mode does not support online matching, so players without friends will have to figure it out on their own.

According to VGC, Microsoft has confirmed that Halo Infinity's campaign co-op mode will not support online matching, and that this feature will not be added in the future. This means that players who do not have a black partner will have to find their own through other channels.

"The Co-op mode will not offer online matching, and we encourage players to continue using Halo LFG and Discord voice on Xbox in the beta so you can find players online while playing," the Microsoft spokesperson added. Microsoft recently entered into a partnership with the Discord platform to allow Xbox gamers to use the Discord voice chat service directly.

Halo Infinity's campaign co-op mode is expected to launch in late August for all players.

Ubisoft's Sprint for Champions is ending development just two months after its launch

According to VGC, Ubisoft is nearing the end of development on its free-to-play sports title Sprint for Champions, just two months after it was released on May 25.

Journalist Jeff Grubb said on the Xbox Era podcast that Sprint for the Championship will be canceled after season 3, and he read about it from a source.

Previously announced in 2019 and launched in May 2022, Sprint for Champions is a free online sports game developed by Ubisoft. The game has only been updated for a few seasons since its launch.

Ubisoft's Sprint for Champions is ending development just two months after its launch

According to a recent financial call from Ubisoft, Sprint for Champions is tracking data better than Ubisoft's now-canceled combat game Superhunt. However, the popularity of the data was modest, with fewer than 100 people watching the game on Twitch.

Superhunt City is also a free-to-play battle Royale game that launched in open beta in July 2020. However, just over a year after its release, Ubisoft stopped releasing major updates to the game.

During Thursday's financial call, Ubisoft also confirmed that it had canceled Ghost Recon: The Wire, Splinter Cell VR and two unannounced games. Avatar: Pandora's Borders will also be canceled. Games previously scheduled for 2022 will now be released in fy2023/2024.

SE announced final Fantasy in June and NFT called it premature

According to Eurogamer, SE today officially announced a partnership with NFT platform Enjin to launch Final Fantasy NFTs merchandise.

Today, Enjin will launch a physical model on its Efinity platform with a code that can be exchanged for digital NFT items, and a physical transaction card with the same digital NFT component will be available for pre-order later this year.

SE announced final Fantasy in June and NFT called it premature
"This partnership marks a coming of age for digital assets and entertainment -- Square Enix, a respected developer with iconic intellectual property, is paving the way for the industry," said Witek Radomski, Enjin's current CEO.

"By using Efinity, fans can experience interactive NFT... Enjin can build the next growth phase of blockchain entertainment, combining curiosity and creativity."

However, in late June this year, SE's current president Yosuke Matsuda said at the shareholders' meeting that "it is too early to consider making Dragon And Final Fantasy blockchain games". As a result, the project was officially launched in less than a month, which is too early indeed...