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Six must play boutique games

Here are six of the best games you can play during the holidays to make your vacation more enjoyable.

1. The Jungle Book

It’s an open-world, third-person action survival game that focuses on realism. It’s like Dayz, but it’s more creative, more detail-oriented, and it’s fun to play, sometimes over the top.

In the game, for example, the characters will become thin if they do not eat for a long time, and they will become fat if they eat regularly. In the specified time, the characters also have to relieve themselves, and the details are clearly visible.

Six must play boutique games

The main play attention to multiplayer online games online, double team can survive, or “lone Wolf”, but all players will be enemies on the map, you can kill each other to gain his resources, or destroy the enemy’s camp, and, in turn, the others will do so, but in the case of a team survival rate is higher, So this game is suitable for the holidays with friends to play together.

2. Consoles: playstation 4

It is a “Eat Chicken” game that has been popular for many years. Recently, there has been a sudden increase in online players. The reason is that PUBG: Battlegrounds has become a free multiplayer game on Steam platform.

Six must play boutique games

Do landed on the platform of Steam in 2017, although the original or a test game, but online players more than one day a day, at the same time it also makes an external, it soon became a plugin game, but after the official strict processing, and players jointly boycott, in-game environment a lot better now, in order to enhance the experience, Also add random AI enemies, after killing can get a lot of good equipment.

Now PUBG battle Royale is getting better and better, in addition to the traditional “chicken mode”, there are also team mode, “battlefield” mode, so in the holiday, you can call a friend to play the game all night.

3. Battlefield 1

Even though it’s 2016, PC and console still have a portion of online gamers, first because of feelings, and second because the game is really good, even better than battlefield 5 and Battlefield 2042 today.

Although there are some plugins in Battlefield 1, there are administrators in the corresponding servers. Once abnormal players are found, they will be kicked out of the battle. Therefore, playing Battlefield 1 does not worry about the interference of plugins, and it is relatively fair in the battle.

Has just been released by the games in 2016, the shock of the new engine and real battlefield environment, jing to each player, and under the 2 k and 4 k resolution, scene and character of the game details, almost real ones, and now, the field 1 images are not backward, so worth you experience in your holiday.

Six must play boutique games

4.Call of Duty 15: Black Ops

Released in 2018, the game was the only one in the PC version of Call of Duty that didn’t feature a dramatic campaign, but it was the first time in Call of Duty 15 that it was a novelty to play Chicken in Call of Duty.

In addition to this, the game still has zombie mode, four players can cooperate to survive, and there are five or six different maps with different gameplay and controls, which are more exciting than the previous version.

“Call of Duty 15” is a work of science fiction, inherits the black Ops album of 12 generations, so the characters and guns in the game are more science fiction, and there is a hero system like “Overwatch”. Each character has different combat skills and special weapons, and they can play to their heart’s content in multiplayer battles. Even though the game is 3 or 4 years old, there are still people playing it on computers and consoles, and you can join them.

5. Bladeless Warriors

It is a multiplayer game with the theme of cold weapons. Currently, Steam has a large number of online players, almost every server has players playing against each other, and many of them are attracted by the game’s theme and realistic graphic details.

Knight’s Spirit 2 has a high degree of realism, with “flesh and blood flying” scenes when fighting opponents, and a variety of damage effects, including characters, buildings, and various objects, showing damage details after being attacked.

The modes of the game are simple team confrontation, occupation mode, siege mode, and raid mode, etc. In this game, you can experience the barbarity and cruelty of the ancient cold weapons battlefield, if you like, you can go in to experience some.

6. Fallout 76

A lot of players were interested in Fallout 4, which came out in 2015, but the sequel fallout 76, which came out in 2018, was also good and changed a lot, becoming a pure MASSIVELY multiplayer online game that requires a full Internet connection.

Although it is no longer a single-player game, the design of Fallout 76 also has a big advantage. This time, it is no longer a single-player game, and you will no longer be lonely when playing, because you can meet real people in the huge map, interact with them, exchange items, or play together in teams.

In terms of gameplay, the general style remains the same, including “picking up trash”, fighting monsters to upgrade, survival, and building, but Fallout 76 also introduces a new “Battle Royalist mode” and 8-player platoon mode, bringing players a new experience.

The four most popular types of single-player games

There are hundreds of thousands of console games out there, and almost every day there are different types of console games, different sizes, and different linups. There are more and more kinds of console games, and four of them are the most popular.

Category 1: FPS shooters

Examples of FPS shooters include the Call of Duty series, Battlefield series, Wolfenstein series, Medal of Honor series, Counter-Strike series, etc.

The advantage of FPS shooting games is that visually, players can experience the content in the game more closely, and as shooting games, players are operating firearms items, in this aspect, especially military fans are the most favorite

The four most popular types of single-player games
Like the “battlefield”, “the call of duty” the epic masterpiece, but also the game guns details made quite clear, even in the fire, in magazines, etc., have been extremely vivid, and shooting game in recent years, in non-combat situations, stationary state players can also close observation armed with guns details by your own role.

In shooters, these two features are the most popular.

Type 2: ACT action games

ACT action games include the Devil May Cry series, God of War series, Metal Gear Solid: Rise of Vengeance, and more.

This type of game usually has a third-person perspective, which allows you to see the character’s entire shape, and in most cases, the perspective is broad, and some players with 3D vertigo can accept this type of perspective.

Action games often have a sense of smooth operation and strike, especially “God of War” and “Devil May Cry” these two games, in combat is very feeling.

Some aaa action games also have a great story that allows the player to experience a long process while fighting.

The four most popular types of single-player games

Number three: RPG role-playing games

Examples of RPG role-playing games include diablo series, Monster Hunter series, Demon Quest, etc.

The biggest feature of this type of game is its playability, and the options are often complex. There are also a lot of customization content, players can customize the character’s attributes, skills and fighting style.

There is also a feature is to play strange, upgrade, brush equipment, can not stop has been carried out, even if some levels played a lot of times, also can continue to explode equipment.

In particular, the “gear grind” feature has always been at the heart of the RPG series, and that’s what players play in it.

The four most popular types of single-player games

Category 4: RTS games

Examples of RTS games include the Red Alert series, Company of Heroes series, Warcraft series, Command & Conquer series, etc.

This type of game tests the player’s thinking and reflexes.

These games usually involve the player building a base of their own, then producing units and controlling them to fight, either defensively or aggressively attacking the opposing camp.

RTS games can often be challenging to play, especially games like Red Alert and Company of Heroes, which can leave the player scrambling at critical moments.

Over the years, RTS games have been one of the most popular genres among gamers.

Vr gamepad how to use VR gamepad

How to use vr glasses handle

1. First, let’s turn on the Bluetooth remote control of VR glasses.

2. There will be an icon similar to the on key on the VR glasses Bluetooth remote controller. Press the icon tightly for 1 to 3 seconds and the remote controller will light up.

Vr gamepad how to use VR gamepad

3. After successfully turning on the Bluetooth remote control of VR glasses, take out your mobile phone, turn on bluetooth, and wait for a few seconds, because at this time bluetooth is searching for the model that can be paired.

4. Find the model of the BLUETOOTH handle of VR glasses, and then gently click it to pair it successfully. After pairing it successfully, you can use it directly.

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VR glasses Bluetooth handle remote control connection precautions

1, please make sure to install the battery correctly, and the battery is sufficient (many users are so impatient that they forget to install the battery and start to press the switch)

2. Please confirm that the connected Bluetooth is the gamepad icon and the name is Zeemote JS1 V3 (some users’ mobile phones are 0F :45: GG: 6Y: SS and other tips)

VR glasses Bluetooth handle remote control connection problem how to do

1. Disconnect bluetooth on the mobile phone system.

2. Exit the corresponding APP and kill the corresponding APP process in the background.

3. Turn on the Bluetooth remote control, and turn on the system Bluetooth for remote control pairing.

4. Open the corresponding APP after the pairing is successful.

If not, try again and you can always get one shot. After some users restart their mobile phones, repeat the preceding steps to connect to them.

How to choose the right gamepad

Introduction to Gamepads

The standard configuration of the gamepad was established and implemented by Nintendo. It consists of three control keys: the cross button (direction), the ABXY function button (action – also marked in different ways by hardware manufacturers, but arranged in roughly the same order), and the Select and pause button (menu). [1]

With the upgrading of gaming hardware, modern joysticks have been added: analog joysticks (direction and perspective), trigger buttons, and HOME menu buttons.

Gamepad classification

According to the usage, it can be divided into PC gamepad, PS2 gamepad and PS3 gamepad.

According to product type, it can be divided into wired gamepad, wireless gamepad and Bluetooth gamepad. Traditional video game controller, video game controller and new remote sensing controller and now the popular wireless controller market.

How to choose the right gamepad

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How to choose the right gamepad for various types of mobile games

1. Direction cross key rocker + button handle

Two of the more common types are stretchable clamps on both sides of the phone and the XBOX gamepad layout where the phone is placed in front of the gamepad.

This kind of joystick is more sensitive, generally suitable for playing 2D action games, simulator games, with a joystick, playing action games can be much more comfortable. The number of buttons is the same as that of the console gamepad, and the current emulators are also capable of NDS and PSP in addition to GBA and FC. The link mode of the handle is bluetooth, and the connection is relatively smooth. Since cell phones are now larger, this combination can be used. NDS is more suitable for vertical play!

These gamepads can be used to play things like King of Glory by enabling button mapping. Handle operation, however, seems to be more suitable for melee classes, don’t need to cast directivity skills to fight the same flowing, very generous, but appear some bad handle remote professional operation, the biggest problem is that the player is not convenient to aim, to know some skills are need players hold some anticipation, However, the gamepad is very difficult to control the direction of the release of these skills, and it is easy to steal the rice.

Summary: It is suitable for playing game simulator and handheld game.

2, weird modelling! Specialized pesticide type handle

The bizarre gamepad comes in two forms: a thin-film covered copper stylus on the left that slides across the screen instead of a finger, and a joystick that controls the character’s movement, while the right one is made using the phone’s touch screen. The advantage of this type of handle is that it is not a problem to control the position of casting skills, while the joystick is more convenient for the snakeskin of the character.

For the handle with copper touch, pure for king of Glory type roulette movement control, if the game is using the cross key movement, it can not be used.

And the joystick is not only king, eat chicken, or other types of games, for the character walking control is a good help, there are two buttons in the left index finger can define the position fire key, the right hand in the mirror positioning at the same time, the left hand can move while firing.

Summary: Playing with pesticides and eating chicken, this handle is very convenient. After using this kind of joystick, feel will be much better, at least the fingers do not have to rub all the time. Solve the problem that after playing for a long time, the sweaty palms on the hot screen and the fingers are always not accurate.

3. Eat chicken handles

The problem with this type of gamepad is that it can be played directly on the screen of the mobile phone. It can only be played with one finger, and it can not be used to shoot and change the perspective at the same time. There are two buttons on the top of the handle. The left thumb controls movement, while the left index finger can set the fire button, the right index finger can set the open and close mirror, and the right thumb can be used to rotate the Angle of view.

How to connect bluetooth gamepad to mobile phone

How to connect bluetooth gamepad to mobile phone

Bluetooth connection to Android gamepad

1. Power on the handle and long press the combination key [X] and [HOME] for 5 seconds.

2. Enter the “handle mode”, and 4 LED lights on the handle are in flash state.

3. Turn on the mobile phone, turn on “Settings” → “Bluetooth” in turn, turn on Bluetooth, connect the device name.

4. The LED light on the upper left indicates that the handset is successfully paired with the mobile phone.

5. Start a gamepad playable game on your phone.

6. “Connected bluetooth gamepad” will be displayed when entering the game.

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How to connect bluetooth gamepad to mobile phone

Matters needing attention

Long press the X+HOME button to enter two modes, one of which is “Control mode (mouse + multimedia)”. The upper right LED lights up, and then you can switch to “gamepad mode” by short press the HOME button.

If the gamepad has been paired with the mobile phone, press the HOME button to automatically connect to the device that was connected last time.

When charging, the LED light will flash slowly, full of steady on;

In working state, long press the HOME button for 5 seconds, the gamepad will turn off; In the connected state, the handle is shut down for 5 minutes without any operation; In unconnected state, the handle LED blinks slowly for 1 minute to shut down.

Bluetooth connection to apple gamepad

1. First, we turn on the mobile phone and enter the desktop, find the setting icon and click open.

2. Next, we will enter the Settings screen of the iPhone. We will click the Bluetooth option at the bottom of the screen.

3. After entering the Bluetooth interface, click the switch to the right of the option below to turn on the Bluetooth function.

4. Then we turn on the Bluetooth gamepad, and then we just need to find the Bluetooth of our gamepad in the Bluetooth interface of the iPhone to connect it.

5. After finding the Bluetooth name of the gamepad, click to connect. After the connection is successful, a connected prompt will be displayed.

6. Then the status bar at the top of our mobile phone will display the battery quantity of our Bluetooth handset.