Nintendo: There’s not much of a console market in China

Nintendo consoles today’s bosses, the game in the world of its own, although their products are expensive, little is thousands of many tens of thousands, but its sales and popularity is on the rise year by year, and other games different is its main business is a game, from production to sale is over, the whole process is controlled by myself, And most of their games are so good to play that they almost dominate the global console market.

So why does Nintendo think China’s console market is small? China has the world’s largest gaming market, but most of them is given priority to with mobile game, for the game has a very strict review, of 80% on the nintendo game cannot through internal audit, it can play the game are numbered, even if some players are willing to buy the nintendo ds, they are also buying hk or Japanese version, Can really buy the country are “warriors”.

Nintendo: There's not much of a console market in ChinaMany players can buy goods found basically as a video player, has many legal channels in second-hand trading platform the nintendo ds is a price, so they think that the Chinese game market is not big, but don’t want to give up domestic this cake nintendo, they want to enter the Chinese market with the media of goose factory.

But it is not feasible, according to the small arms goose factory is what kind of games it is clear to all, nintendo mainly takes the independent research and development of course, both in the direction it is difficult to achieve unity, goose factory though is the nation’s biggest game company, but its home-grown games projects are very few, and the review of domestic has been is not very good, Nintendo has always had its own rules and boundaries.

Although on the surface of said his heaven may consider and geese factory cooperation, that is they didn’t really research Chinese game market, now is basically a domestic mobile game of the world, end is slowly dying, not to mention the noble game consoles, can play a game on mobile phones, most of the players will not spend thousands of dollars to buy a game console, even though it was a good game!

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