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Five universe games recommended

Many friends have game shortage experience, a certain period of time just don’t know what game fun, this time with you to take a look at five universe theme game recommendation, whether you are in the game shortage or like the universe theme partner, these five excellent works are absolutely worth you to experience.

One, the stars,

The political system, economic system, values and so on in Stellaris are fundamentally derived from reality, combined with the inspiration from a large number of fantasy works, and finally formed a collection. From the template type of farming operations, such as pattern after independence, to experience the fun of the game really slowly, for me personally, it can carry me to imagine all kinds of demand, only from a paragraph of text, a data, image, an option, you can imagine the story of thousands to hundreds of thousands of words, is not only a magnificent epic about the interstellar empire, And the love and hate of countless star citizens.

Five universe games recommended

Explore a galaxy of wonders in this massive, sci-fi strategy game crafted by Paradox Development Studio. Interact with strange alien races, discover strange new worlds and experience unexpected events while expanding the reach of your empire. Each new adventure offers almost endless possibilities. Each game begins with a civilization that has just discovered a way to travel between the stars and is ready to explore the galaxy. Send a science ship to investigate and explore the unusual, which will lead you on countless expeditions to learn about strange worlds and their bizarre stories and discoveries, and the different encounters could completely change the outcome of your game.

You can meet the ever-changing species in both custom and procedurally generated ways. Choose from a variety of conceivable options, including gain or loss characteristics, specific ideologies, constraints, and evolution. Interact with other players through the advanced diplomacy system. Diplomacy is critical to the success of grand strategic ventures. With negotiation and skill, adapt your strategy to your situation. Whether it’s a deadly mushroom society or a reptilian race with engineering skills, your chosen character has a variety of customizable traits, from ethics to technology types to preferred modes of space travel, habitat types to philosophies. Where the game goes is up to you.

Dyson Ball Project

This is the best game I’ve played in years. The appearance of Dyson Ball Project has refreshed my understanding of game optimization to a new level. I never thought a game optimization could be as good as this, but how good is this game optimization? In the late game, a whole planet, thousands of plant construction, tens of thousands of mechanical arm to move to and fro, conveyor belt similar flows of goods, hundreds of planes flying rockets at the same time in the sky, split the night light tail flame, hundreds of masts, scientific research, satellite pylon, electromagnetic railgun, each minute in the cool light dynamic effect

Five universe games recommended

In “Dyson Ball Project”, you will start from the accumulation and construction of resources bit by bit, drive the light industrial robot “Icarus”, from the home planet to the Galaxy, through automated factories, adventure, exploration, operation and construction, step by step to achieve the leap of human civilization. On a nearly endless journey, you discover how small and lonely humans are in the face of the vast universe. But when you successfully stand under the Dyson Ball, you will remember the emotional signals of the journey — the sunrises, the interweaving of human ideals and cosmic dreams, the “universal empathy” that all players seek.

Any player who has seen a Dyson ball will be shocked by the whole universe. But that’s not what the Dyson Ball Project is really about. The universe is very lonely, and this loneliness comes from no boundaries, no connections, no emotions. But there is still an Icarus with a dream, spread its tiny wings and fly around the yearning sun, watching the stars rise and die and the sun set. Everyone who goes to the Dyson Sphere discovers a strong but hidden romance in the universe — a romance that comes from every stone mine you collect, every sunrise you see, and the champagne-colored explosion in the final scene of the Dyson Sphere of light.

Halo: Infinite

After experiencing the halo Classic Master Chief collection, I had been looking forward to the release of the new game, but instead of halo 5, I got Halo 6 Infinity. It’s a bit of a shame to lose a story, but it’s nice to be able to flow through infinity. If you don’t play the Halo system and want to learn the story of the halo, it’s recommended to play the Chief Petty Officer collection before you buy the Unlimited Campaign DLC. If you’re fighting with a friend, Halo Infinity is great as an upstart game, and the free ontology is delicious.

As the sixth film, the story naturally continues the story of 5, after The disappearance of Kotana, the master was defeated by the “exile”. But what was supposed to be the triumph of evil was saved by a humble soy sauce. E216, a soldier who missed his hometown very much, has been trapped in a spaceship for half a year. When he was confused, he received a message from a friendly army. It was the armor that lost its energy and was drifting in space. The elated rescue chief thinks he can go home, but the battle against the exiles and the Supreme Forerunner has just begun. And lost the Kotana taxi officer, but found another AI, named “weapon” Kotana backup AI. It’s up to the player to see if the story will repeat itself, or if it will have a new ending. However, this story is not the end of the whole, after completing the story of the campaign, there are still new suspense, new enemies.

Five universe games recommended

Aura of infinite battle is a linear process, and in the open world and limitations of linear alternates, about linear part, the game more weapons of players through combination and the enemy’s scheme to create change game experience, this also is the most commonly used in the halo series, but in this generation, give me the feeling is a lack of games deliberately designed, Relative to the whole process of experience and become more “open”, the performance is that the game is almost from the beginning of a period of time to play almost all point in the game to the players, the enemy here refers to the game, guns, such as the main game point, it is good or bad is not the same for everyone, but for me, This arrangement always makes me feel less surprised in the subsequent play, each time there are familiar enemies and familiar weapons. Of course, it is not to say that there are no surprises at all, but relatively there are a lot less, and more intensive design can be carried out

No Man’s Deep Space

The most anticipated games of 2016, the biggest marketing fraud of the year, and the fact that game developers were blasted for taking their ideals as fait accompli. In 2020, the best space game I’ve ever played, no running, free updates all the time, the world is becoming more and more diverse, more and more gameplay, no man’s deep space is still what I dreamed it would be four years ago, although four years later, I’m four years late, but it’s still what I expected.

Taking inspiration from classic science fiction, No Man’s Sky is a mix of crowd-loving adventure and fantasy. Give the player a galaxy full of unique planets and life forms, and the game is full of dangers and endless exploration. Each star has the radiance of a distant sun, and each sun has life-filled planets orbiting it, and you can choose to visit any of them. All the way from the depths of space to the planet’s surface. In this programmed infinite universe, you’ll discover realms and creatures that no one has ever seen before — and never again.

This galaxy is a world of flesh and blood. Trade fleets shuttle between the stars, factions fight for territory, pirates rob, and the Starmen are always on the lookout. Other players live in the same galaxy, and you can choose to share your findings with them on a map of known space. This way you can see not only your own content, but perhaps the results of their actions as well

Five universe games recommended

Alien explorers

The art style of the game is very pleasing. The main character and various facilities in the scene all adopt the Q version + circular modeling design. What is more interesting is that the stitching of various facilities in the game will be smooth like Lego blocks. Also, most games don’t limit the amount of oxygen available to the main character in space games for the player’s convenience. In this game, oxygen is one of the important survival resources. When the player is within the range of oxygen supply facilities, his or her air pipe will be automatically connected with the oxygen supply facilities. When he or she needs to explore in a distance, he or she needs to establish an oxygen pipe for long-distance oxygen supply, which makes the whole game more challenging.

“Alien star explorer” is a multiplayer space adventure game. The game with low polygon cartoon cute painting style for players to create a strange and lonely trip to the planet. Players gather materials to build tools, develop technology, build ships, and fly to other planets to find answers. The production team has been working hard to update the game since its release, and all of them are provided to players in the form of free updates. If you have a few friends who like this kind of game, you might as well try it.

This made to fit the difficulty is very high, although now a new task in the game system, but early to fit players look at complex manufacturing list or just have a headache, but the game before there is a bug me yet archive, although there is also a task, but as it was before the archive, a lot of things is not updated with the game, Lead to the beginning of the task can not be completed, suggest that each player or a new game.

Vr game console and the difference between the body sense game console and VR game console which good

First, is motion sensing game machine VR

Motion sensing game console relies on high-tech video motion capture technology, so that the body movement can be instantly reflected in the game system, through the induction of human movement to promote the game.

VR is the meaning of Virtual Reality technology. With the development of VR technology, some VR game consoles have been invented. Some VR game consoles also use motion-sensing interaction, namely VR motion-sensing game consoles. But not all motion consoles are VR.

Ii. The difference between VR game consoles and motion-sensing game consoles

1. Different gameplay

Motion sensing game machine does not need to wear virtual reality equipment, has a handle, can control the device, mainly through the body moving action to control the characters in the game machine; VR games need to wear VR equipment, generally VR glasses or VR helmet.

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Vr game console and the difference between the body sense game console and VR game console which good

2. Sensory differences

VR games mainly stimulate the visual sense, can not directly touch and feel; The motion sensing games reflect the human body and movement into the game system. The feeling of the body movement is more intuitive, but the visual sense is not so strong.

3. Different types of games

Motion-sensing consoles have a wider variety of games, including a lot of sports games and fitness AIDS; Vr console is limited by technical factors, the game threshold is higher, the game variety is relatively few.

In addition, different brands of motion-sensing game consoles and VR game consoles have certain differences in functions and prices.

Three, body sense game machine and VR game machine which good

Which one is better depends on your personal preference. Comparatively speaking, both games have their own advantages and disadvantages:

1, VR game point is good sensory stimulation, more real; The drawback is that it is lonely to play, wearing a helmet and glasses, feeling isolated from the whole world; And the game threshold is high, the equipment is more expensive.

2. The point of motion sensing game is controlled by movement, which is novel; It is ok to wave a few times, but after playing for a long time, you will feel tired. Of course, this can also play a fitness effect, which may be a good thing.

In general, both motion and VR consoles have their own playpoints and flaws, and there is no saying that one is better than the other. I believe that as technology advances, the flaws of both consoles will be improved.

How much is a body sense game machine

A, how much is a body sense game machine

With the development of the game industry, now the game console is not limited to the machine itself, there is a new type of motion sensing game, you need to use the body movement to play the game, if you want to play the motion sensing game, you need to buy a motion sensing game machine, then how much is the price of a motion sensing game machine?

The price of the body feeling game machine on market has high have low, specific price according to the brand of body feeling game machine, kind (for instance it is game machine or dancing machine), configuration, the element such as tie-in game is different somewhat, general and common body feeling game machine wants at least five hundred and six hundred yuan, a few better want two thousand and three thousand yuan generally. (Above price source network, for reference only)

How much is a body sense game machine

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Ii. How to buy a motion-sensing game machine

Motion-sensing game machine is a machine that uses the body to feel all kinds of electronic games. Many friends want to play motion-sensing games, but they do not know how to buy a good motion-sensing game machine. The purchase of the physical sensing game machine mainly looks at the following aspects:

1. Product positioning

Motion sensing game machine has different positioning, for novice entry players, advanced intermediate players, game enthusiasts and other different stages of the player has different products, can choose according to their own needs.

2. Control experience

That is, the flexibility of the motion-sensitive game machine, whether it can accurately capture the actions of players and timely response, generally this needs to try yourself, you can also refer to the recommendations of users to choose.

3. Picture definition

High-definition screen is a big requirement for players to play games. Some motion-sensing game consoles are not high-definition, and the sense of engagement to play is greatly reduced. Of course, the clarity is also related to the TV with motion-sensing game consoles.

4. Purchase time

Although electronic products always buy new not old, but for body feeling game, due to the manufacturer’s new gameplay opportunities are more likely to have some problems, and the new body feeling game, can support the experience of the game is not much, there is a new product price is higher, so if not enthusiast, don’t buy the new product, immediately It is advisable to wait more than a year before buying a console.

How to play motion-sensing VIDEO game

What is a motion console

Motion console is the use of high-tech technology, can capture the operation of our body and reflect into the system, through the operation of our body can let the game continue. We used to play games by controlling the controller and then controlling the actions of the characters in the game, but this does not allow us to really integrate into the game, not enjoy the game. But motion-sensing consoles have come along to fill our need. Motion sensing console can simulate the plot of the game for us, so that we can complete the actions of the characters in the game through our own actions, so that we can fully enjoy the fun of the game.

How to play motion-sensing VIDEO game

How can we better integrate into the world of games when we play motion-sensing consoles? We can actually think about how a runner runs, and we can actually move to do it. We play motion-sensing game machine we need to know how a motion-sensing game machine is a principle, it is through the high-tech motion capture system to capture our various movements, and then converted into a variety of data to analyze our specific movements or gestures is what, the real realization of human-machine interaction.

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Motion-sensing VIDEO game play

1. How to play the interactive function?

Interactive games focus on what we need to do with friends or family, with people we don’t know, and are a feature that we play with the same connection to the Internet.

2. How to play the competitive function?

We will see on the body feeling game has a lot of competitive games, like some kind of race or boxing, and swimming and so on, have some knowledge of competitive games and so on, these need we play the game and the so-called competition, like swimming competition, we need at the beginning of the game after we keep swinging swimming posture, let the game role to go forward, then see who is the first, Let’s compete with our friends.

3. How to play the fitness function?

Motion-sensing game consoles can not only play games, but also need us to exercise to play, which requires us to rely on the movement of our bodies to achieve the control of the game, so that we can not only play the game but also better exercise, so that we are more motivated and fun fitness.

4. How to play the entertainment function and parent-child function?

We can play with our families, not only can strengthen the relationship with our families, but also can eliminate the unpleasant day at work.