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2022 cost-effective true wireless collar microphone selection guide: live, short video Vlog recording

Wireless lapel microphone, a type of wireless microphone, has become popular recently. It is a small, small and portable microphone, usually worn in the location of the user's clothing lapel. It can be freed from the cable, and the user can do whatever he or she wants without worrying about the sound. It is generally used in large conferences, live broadcasting, recording, online teaching, short video recording and other scenarios. Compared with the "wired microphone + loudspeaker" carried by teachers in traditional school classes, it is more convenient and simple to use.

Wireless lapel microphone

1. What are the characteristics of wireless lapel microphone and why has it become popular recently?
It is mainly based on 2.4g wireless transmission technology or Bluetooth 5.0 and AI intelligent noise reduction design, which can achieve the effect of low delay and high quality transmission. The transmission distance is generally within 20 meters and the connection can be stable. The general style is shown in the picture below, one lapel microphone transmitter and one wireless receiver. Small and portable, easy to carry.

2. What are the advantages of wireless lapel microphone?
Price advantage: The price of products in the general market is between 100~300, which is much cheaper than some professional microphones.
Portable advantage: the design is small and portable. The general size is about the length of 2 one-yuan coins, and the weight is about 30g.
Performance advantages: 2.4g ultra-low delay, simple plug and play operation (plug the device to power on, unplug the device to power off), intelligent noise reduction, clear sound quality, long distance barrier-free reception, high sensitivity.
3. Consider the selection factors of wireless lapel microphone
(1) Budget and brand: If the budget is enough, you can consider professional brands, such as SONY, MOMA and DJI; Commonly choose common 100~300 left and right sides of enough.

(2) Transmission mode: Bluetooth or 2.4g wireless, 2.4g wireless will be more stable than Bluetooth.

(3) Sound quality and noise reduction ability: intelligent noise reduction is supported by products on the market.

(4) Length of battery life: it is recommended to work for at least 4~10 hours and complete at least one live broadcast.

(5) Wireless lapel microphone receiver interface: Android Type-C interface, Apple Lightning interface, common audio interface. You can choose according to the usage scenario and environment.

Two, wireless lapel microphone (general) recommended
1. Phenface YUM5 Wireless Lapel Microphone (Type-c interface)
The product of Yang Fei si home, a professional supplier of live broadcasting equipment, has a good after-sales service, providing a three-year warranty without worry, lifelong customer service and 365 days free replacement.

Product features: jingdong sales of 20,000 +.

Professional 2.4g chip, low latency, long battery life.
360-degree all-pointing microphone, using AI intelligent algorithm noise reduction module, can accurately filter all kinds of noise,
20 meters long distance connection, 90mh battery capacity, charging 1 hour, can be used for 10 hours.
Support the use of mobile phone charging process, very convenient.

2. The Wireless Lavalier microphone

A wireless lavalier microphone, also known as a Lavalier microphone wireless system or clip microphone, is a small wired microphone widely used in film production and broadcasting. The Lavalier microphone wireless system is small and discreet, so it can be used for recording conversations. It can be used close to the lips without being seen, ensuring clear audio in various recording environments, whether Vlog recording, video reporting, or interview recording.

3, Masentek EP33C wireless lapel microphone (Type-C port or Apple Lightning port)
Masentek is the dominant brand in the field of Bluetooth in China.

Product features:

The appearance design is very fashionable, wear a sense of class.
Plug and play, the phone plug in the receiver can automatically connect.
Use high-density blowout preventer sponge and high sensitivity microphone to pick up sound in 360 degrees.
20 meters long distance connection, intelligent noise reduction, clear sound quality.
80mah battery, 10h battery life.

Wireless lapel microphone (one drag four) can take a look at this one

4. Good Shepherd V5 Wireless lapel Microphone (Single or Double)
This model has a different appearance design, which is the same as our previous MP3. Generally, it has 1 or 2 transmitters +1 receiver, which supports single or double use. It comes with Bluetooth accompaniment and has good reverberation effect.

This one can take monitor earphone oh, the whole accessories are rich, support mobile phone, camera, computer, compatibility is very good.
Compact, 24G, with true color LED to show operating status (signal status, Bluetooth connection, etc.).
Bluetooth 5.0 technology, plus DSP reverberation effect, intelligent noise reduction, can be used in outdoor noisy environment.
500mah battery, charging 1 hour, usable 4~6 hours.
All pointing to the radio. The radio is sensitive.
Support 7 days for no reason return.

5, A recommended microphone for iPhone introduction

As an iPhone exclusive microphone, this metal-encased microphone deserves your attention. With 5 digital presets, you can set different parameters and let us use the most appropriate way to speak, sing, record instruments, etc. Pick-up mode and gain Settings are also some of the highlights, but you'll need to install an iPhone App that supposedly converts deafening sounds at rock concerts into clear recordings.

The shape of this microphone is unique enough. It can provide us with a perfect stereo sound through special design. One is a strongly directional MID microphone, and the other is a dual directional side microphone. Side microphones capture sound on both sides. The sound recorded with this microphone will be very thick, and any special sound effects will not be difficult to sing in front of it. Oh, it is also exclusive to the iPhone.

Deal with noise? It's totally up to the job. It has three gain modes - quiet, car, loud voice, and you might get a little fresh sound from it, even at a rock concert. It's still iPhone exclusive.

The best thing about this versatile microphone is that it works with all Apple devices. It offers a bunch of capacitive microphones for mono and stereo, and users can freely switch between multiple modes. So it's an all-around fighter! However, the ablest worker, so its price is quite high!

6, DJI DJI Mic Wireless microphone Action 2/OM 5 (one drag two, with charging box)
DJI Mic wireless microphone noise reduction and recording performance is very good, including a dual-channel receiver and two wireless transmitters, but the price is more expensive.

Can achieve up to 250 meters wireless radio distance.
Both transmitters have built-in 8GB storage, which can be used as a recording pen alone or backup sound during recording to ensure the integrity of recording data.
Adopting adaptive frequency hopping technology and self-developed channel coding technology, it has strong anti-interference ability.
The receiver supports USB Type-C, Lightning and 3.5mm TRS output, compatible with mainstream mobile phones, all kinds of cameras and computers.
The battery lasts about five hours for the receiver and transmitter, and 15 hours with a charging case.
Support safe sound track to prevent sound loss caused by over-exposure.

7. Small Noise Reduction, Live Sharp Tool: Mini microphone Experience

Intended to make life easy for content creators, SYNCO provides every piece of vlogging equipment needed to create online video content on mobile devices. We even enter in product areas we have never got involved in, like LED lights. All this aims to make life simpler for potential buyers and meanwhile, provide a product range complete and ready for current and future dealers.

Hence, the brand-new all-in-one SYNCO vlogger kits were announced to become additions to our range of creative solutions for every recording situation. Carefully designed as a mobile film-making package, they feature a high-quality condenser microphone, a LED light, a mini tripod and accessories. The M1S directional microphone in each kit focuses on picking up what it is pointed at while reducing the background noise, ensuring audio is clean and intelligible.


With the development of we media industry, short video and live broadcast sales are becoming more and more popular, and wireless lapel microphone has made great progress and optimization in functions and performance. The sales and cost performance of these wireless lapel microphones are not bad, and the functions are almost the same, some of the radio distance is longer, some of the battery life is longer.

Investment game city to consider what aspects of large game city investment return analysis

First, investment in video games city to consider what aspects

1, site selection,

Based on the current customer experience and site survey, we give the following site selection suggestions:

(1) Comprehensive stable business area: large shopping center, catering industry, entertainment and other comprehensive business area.

(2) middle and high-end urban communities, snack streets, pedestrian streets, etc.

(3) Indoor commercial wholesale center.

(4) Near a large park.

(5) Large and famous chain supermarkets: Wal-mart, Carrefour, Vanguard and other chain supermarkets.

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2, decorate

Create a happy atmosphere, comfortable feeling, color requirements to red, yellow and blue color. At present, everyone attaches great importance to the decoration effect. When a customer comes to the recreation city, his first impression is a bright and transparent feeling.

Investment game city to consider what aspects of large game city investment return analysis

3. Equipment procurement

Before inspection, you need to know clearly: business area, regional ratio of game types, investment budget, location positioning, and then choose products according to their own situation.

4. Investment budget

Large game city investment budget should be decided according to their own needs, generally taking into account the venue rental, game costs, staff hours and so on.

5. Business strategy

One of the investment conditions of the game city is the direction of a business strategy, which can help us establish a good brand image in the eyes of consumers. The operation of any thing is inseparable from the process of user pull new - user retention - in-depth development. The game City is no exception.

Two, large game city investment return analysis

Game city investment return analysis, is based on the market analysis of the conclusion. Market analysis gives us the most reliable data. Such as pricing, traffic, daily turnover. Here is a common Internet cafe return on investment analysis of the calculation method can refer to:

Best turnover/day = Number of machines * Unit price of machines/per hour * business hours *70%.

Worst turnover/day = Number of machines * Unit price of machines/per hour * business hours *30%.

(The key lies in the 30% and 70%, 70% is based on practice statistics, not casually said).

According to the above analysis of the return on investment of Internet cafes, we can also figure out the main revenue of the game city every day (of course, not including gift sales or gambling equipment income), monthly income, annual income. But the machine inside the game city is different from the machine inside the Internet cafe, the price is not the same, and the length of time is not fixed. I think it's best to average this one.

Video game hall how to open video game city how to attract guests

A, how to open video game hall

We all know that open game city to make money, and make money very quickly, so many people have the idea of large game city investment, but now the state of the game industry control is very strict, so make a lot of people very confused, can not find the direction, how to open the game city in the end? What certificate does the city need to do? If you want to do long-term stability of the game city business, then the following documents are best to be ready.

1. The cultural market management office of the cultural department shall apply for the entertainment place license.

Video game hall how to open video game city how to attract guests

2. Public security fire department shall apply for fire control license.

3. The epidemic prevention station of the health department shall apply for the health permit.

4, the public security department for special industry license.

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5, industrial and commercial departments for business license.

6, the local tax department for commercial license business license.

7. The tax department shall handle tax registration.

2. How does the arcade attract customers

1, new equipment, new things need guidance, prospective customers like to imitate. So sometimes it's important to use "to". Operators do not always complain that the machine equipment itself is not fun, each kind of equipment has its playability, otherwise the equipment would not exist. "Trust" can be their own store staff, can also cluster customers to find.

2, site management, to be good at looking for "opportunities", not necessarily more clever, but can be used to the end. The customer mentality is to entertain, but it also brings a profitable mentality. So seize the key point that can drive the overall situation, the small venue said above is to earn people's gas, and then earn business!

3, video game city can also attract guests to join, there are a lot of famous video game city brands on the market, these brands have a reputation, choose their words can be invisible to increase their customers.

Large video game city join about how much money video game city join what matters needing attention

A large game city to join about how much money

1, franchise fee: the franchise fee of the game city varies according to the brand. To join a well-known game city brand, franchisees need to pay tens of thousands of yuan of franchise fees to the brand headquarters.

2, store rent: in order to let the game city can have a relatively stable source of customers, investors can open the store in the commercial center, department store square bottom business and other places where the flow of people is concentrated. Take the third-tier city as an example, the store area is 600 square meters, and the rent is about 50,000 yuan/month.

3, decoration costs: the decoration style of the game city should be consistent with its theme. The decoration fee is calculated at 400 yuan /㎡, and the decoration fee for a 600 square meter shop is 240,000 yuan.

4, machine cost: investors can according to the actual situation of the local game city and the size of the franchise, flexible choice to buy the machine. The cost is about 150,000 yuan.

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5, personnel expenses: in order to better manage the game city and serve the vast number of consumers, investors also need to recruit some service personnel. Take the recruitment of 5 people for example, the average salary of 3,000 yuan/month, the monthly personnel expenditure is 15,000 yuan.

Large video game city join about how much money video game city join what matters needing attention

6, other miscellaneous expenses: mainly including certificate handling fees, utilities, publicity costs, opening expenses, generally, the cost of about 30,000 yuan.

Conclusion: Video game city to join about how much money? Open a video game city franchise, less than six hundred and seventy thousand yuan, more than a million yuan. Investors can invest according to their economic ability. Before planning to do business in the game city, investors also need to do a detailed market research, and master some business skills, so that you can get twice the result with half the effort!

Two, what are the matters needing attention to join the game city

1, the game city to join the shop needs to go to the industrial and commercial bureau for relevant documents (industry and commerce, tax, culture, public security, fire (there may be urban management [decoration and signs] and sanitation [garbage disposal and facade], but some of these two places can be saved) is mainly a hundred of the six departments are indispensable!

2. To join the game city, we need to analyze the more popular products in the game city franchise store in the market to prepare for our later opening, so as to choose more suitable for the interests of local players.

3, choose a well-known game city to join them when necessary to do a field trip to the headquarters. The degree of investigation results that do data analysis comparison, check a few stores, that their product quality, after-sales service, later tracking, financial situation and so on to do a series of comparison and investigation, in order to find their own game city franchise manufacturers

4, select the target consumer group, select the target consumer group is to prepare for the purchase of products in the later stage of the game city, determine the consumer group, for the store's game product positioning, to see whether the game city is in the high-end products as the main line or low-end route, or combined. And so on. That's all investors need to think about.

5, according to their own investment plan to choose a suitable store, first of all to consider their actual economic rights. Considering the flow of people, the target consumer groups in the lot, store size can accept how small can ensure the normal operation of the game city, and a series of problems.