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Four climbing game consoles

"Getting the most performance on a limited budget" is simple to say, but not easy to implement. It takes a lot of thought to research solutions and test products. In fact, to buy the ultimate cost performance of the game computer which is so troublesome? There are many cheap and good game consoles on the e-commerce, such as Climbing is a very good reputation of the brand. Today we bring you four high cost effective game consoles to choose from.

Climb explorer A51 game console

First to introduce you is climbing explorer A51 game console. The chassis of the product is independently developed by Climbing, with an all-white shape design, and a front panel composed of a number of inclined planes and tangent lines. The appearance of the front panel is beautiful and full of personality, with great visual impact. It is recommended to install a luminous fan, which can not only improve the heat dissipation performance of the host, but also decorate the host with lamp effect to achieve a more cool visual experience. Panoramic side panels provide a panoramic view of the internal hardware. At the same time, the host provides a rich USB interface and DP+HDMI+DVI combined video interface, the expansion performance is good, for all kinds of display devices have good compatibility.

In terms of configuration, the Climbing Explorer A51 game console has the i5 12400F+GTX 1650 combination. Among them, i5 12400F is a very popular processor recently. It has the latest technology and architecture, which makes the product significantly improved in performance. You might worry that the GTX 1650 graphics card is dragging you down, but tests show that at 1080P resolution, you can run League of Legends at 200 frames, PUBG at 80 frames, and Dungeons & Warriors at 210 frames, so there is no pressure to play mainstream online games. 16GB of RAM and 500GB of NVMe M.2 SSD are also sufficient, regardless of upgrading.

Four climbing game consolesSummary: Climbing explorer A51 game host appearance level is high, i5 12400F+GTX 1650 combination to play online games without pressure, and memory, SSD configuration also pick out what fault, directly buy home can open play. More importantly, its price is very affordable, is a particularly suitable for online game players of the product.

Adventurer A53 12 generation I5 mainframe

The second model, also from the Climbing Explorer series, is the A53. This product also uses the front A51 same case, cool appearance is very in line with the pursuit of individuality of young people's appetite. The most important improvement lies in the graphics card end, which adopts the latest RTX 3050 graphics card, and its game performance has been improved compared with the previous generation GTX 1660S. The larger 8GB video storage capacity can also be more easily handled when dealing with big games. What's more, the card also supports ray tracking, which is a great addition to the experience, and the RTX 3050 is powerful enough to allow for smooth graphics even when ray tracking is enabled at 1080P resolution, lowering the bar for ray tracking considerably.

Processor side, climb explorer A53 12 generation i5 host still choose I5 12400F processor, performance let the user rest assured. The host also uses a first-line brand B660 motherboard, four-way pipe air-cooled radiator, enough to ensure the stable operation of the processor. The combination of 16GB DDR4 3200 memory and SN570 500GB SSD provides large capacity and high performance. In addition, the rated power of 500W power supply has also passed the 80PLUS white brand certification, high conversion efficiency, long time use more electricity saving.

Summary: By using RTX 3050 graphics card, the climbing Explorer A53 12 generation I5 console has realized the leap to light chase game, with more realistic lighting effects, the game experience is very different. At the same time, the other console configuration is balanced, the whole price is affordable, if you have a limited budget and want to experience the light chase game, climb explorer A53 12 generation i5 is a good choice.

Climb the P18 host

Although now set to show the host can also play online games, but when it comes to the game experience is good, still have to show the host alone. We introduced the third product climbing P18 host is an affordable online game host, standard equipped with I5 12400F+GTX 1050Ti. Although GTX 1050Ti has been on the market for a long time, but it is after all a thousand yuan level of mid-end unique display, game performance is definitely to beat the set display, in a variety of online games can get a higher frame rate: At 1080P, pubG gets 80 frames, League of Legends gets 170 frames, and APEX Heroes gets 85. Especially suitable with a high refresh rate of the game display, you can get a better visual experience.

As for other specs, the P18's i5 12400F, 16GB of RAM, and 500GB of NVMe M.2 SSD aren't bad at all, and there are few obvious weaknesses. The comprehensive performance score of master Lu of the whole host has reached 75W, and the overall performance is not poor.

Summary: Buying a host doesn't necessarily mean buying a new one. Like this climbing P18 host, using GTX 1050Ti graphics card, in the premise of meeting the operation needs of online games, but also the overall price control at a relatively low level. It's an economical and affordable solution for players with limited budgets

Climb explorer A35 new I7 mainframe

For those who want to easily run light chase games at 1080P resolution and higher picture quality, or who want a computer that not only plays games smoothly but also performs well in a variety of professional applications, don't miss our fourth console, the New I7. The product is omnipotent performance, lies in its powerful configuration. I7 12700F has 12 cores and 20 threads of high specification, the highest frequency can reach 4.9ghz, single-core, multi-core performance is very strong without short board, running score reached 89823 points, games, professional applications are a good hand. The RTX 3060 is the latest sweet spot of light tracking graphics card, game graphics fluency needless to say, if you install Studio driver, also can improve work efficiency.

The front panel of the chassis has a unique three-stage design, with the upper section of tempered glass, the middle section of ground spray paint and the lower section of iron mesh to achieve the integration of lamp effect, improve the overall texture and air intake, and make the whole chassis look very hierarchical and recognizable.

Summary: In addition to the high-end configuration, beautiful case, climbing Explorer A35 new I7 host also has 16GB DDR4 3200 memory, 500GB NVMe M.2 SSD and 80PLUS bronze certified power supply, excellent performance and energy saving, quality and materials are assured.


The above four consoles are popular products in the flagship store. Whether you want to play online games, play solo masterpieces or give consideration to game design, there is always one of these four products

Special effects are fully open without panic, gigabyte top game host debut!

Have a cool enough and strong enough performance of the game console, is the desire of every game player. But for most small white players, the threshold of their own computer assembly is too high, looking for others installed and afraid of being pit, the rest of that only to buy the machine. As one of the big brands in the hardware industry, Gigabyte has been insisting on creating enough high-end game consoles for such players, and today we are going to introduce gigabyte's new flagship product: MODEL X.

From a design standpoint, the MODEL X has plenty of high-end texture. Unlike many low-end products that blindly pile RGB and side penetration, it makes use of muscular appearance and proper lighting to create a "low-key luxury". And unlike pure light pollution consoles, there's no blinding light that interferes with your experience, which I personally love.

Many machines in the place we can't see, such as the internal wire storage is to save the province, the line is also very messy, to the late maintenance has brought a lot of trouble. MODEL X is delicate from the outside to the inside. It uses the cable collection system to manage the internal wire in perfect order, which is not only beautiful but also easy to manage, which is also a main reason why many high-end players like to buy Gigabyte host.

In terms of configuration, there is no doubt that it must be flagship. The i9-12900K boasts unprecedented strong single-core performance, as well as the multi-core performance explosion brought by the new large and small core architecture. And unlike those machines that use I7 / I9 with DDR4 memory, the MODEL X, in order to fully realize the potential of the I9-12900K, is equipped with a set of 5200MHz ultra-high frequency DDR5 strips, which can provide much higher bandwidth than the flagship DDR4 memory. Make memory no longer the performance bottleneck that plagued the Core 12 generation.

The graphics card is the well-known RTX 3080. This graphics card adopts a new architecture and manufacturing process to build, making its improvement far ahead of several generations of 80 level N cards, compared with the previous generation of RTX 2080Ti has about 30% performance improvement. That means you can play all kinds of AAA games in 4K, even if the special effects are on.

It's worth noting that the MODEL X comes with the i9-12900K processor and RTX 3080 graphics card preset for overclocking, which allows you to use your hands and experience the most powerful gaming hardware available.

The MODEL X also comes with a 2T high-speed SOLID-state drive with A PCI 4.0 channel, which is more than enough capacity for most gamers, given that games are getting bigger and require more capacity and speed. If 2TB isn't enough for you, it has 3.5-inch and 2.5-inch hard drives for later installation.

Of course, such a set of hardware, the power consumption of the whole machine is not low, for the power supply has a more severe test. Fortunately, MODEL X is matched with a Gigabyte AP850GM power supply, which can not only easily run i9-12900K and RTX3080, but also leave a lot of power consumption margin. If you're hands-on, you can also use this configuration to try overclocking for a free performance boost.

And in order to facilitate the use of high-speed interface, the host is also equipped with a Lightning 4 expansion card, can provide you with two MINI DP and two lightning 4 interface, so that you can enjoy 40Gbps high-speed transmission performance.

Special effects are fully open without panic, gigabyte top game host debut!It is not hard to see that this Gigabyte MODEL X reveals the temperament of a top flagship from head to toe. Especially for small white players, choose such a host is not only enough worry, there are also the ultra long quality guarantee service provided by the official jijia, in terms of performance is also enough for you to play the next few years of all games, this is not sweet?

It is revealed that The Age of Neil machines will be published on Switch Nintendo face to face

It is revealed that The Age of Neil machines will be published on Switch Nintendo face to face

Last week, Nacho Requena, editor of Spanish gaming magazine Manual, correctly predicted that Nintendo's Face to Face would launch on June 28 and focus on third-party games. He then hinted that Neil: Machine Age would be coming to Switch.

"I heard that the Chronicles series would be at the show, but I didn't know which one," Requena said of Nintendo's Face to Face conference last week.

"I've also been told that there will be another game coming to other platforms, which has been out for over four years." In his next tweet about the meeting, he was accompanied by a photo of Taro Yoko, director of Neil: The Age of Mechanics.

Neal: Age of Mechanics launched in 2017 on PC and PS4 and a year later on Xbox One. This is in line with Requena's suggestion.

Burger King could be teaming up with McDonald's for a limited run of 1,000 worldwide

I believe that for many post-80s and post-90s friends, Little Overlord is a symbol of childhood, representing the good memories of that time. Recently, it is reported that McDonald's and The Small Overlord have linked up, the two companies have teamed up to create a burger game machine, limited to 1,000 sets.

As we all know, although in some ways the Overlord is very similar to Nintendo's Red and White, it has become a memory of a generation, and presumably this limited game console will be as hard to grab as KFC's Quaker recently.

Burger King could be teaming up with McDonald's for a limited run of 1,000 worldwideFrom the outside, the limited game console is both nostalgic and McDonald's burger chic, and the color scheme of the machine is hard not to look like a Super Mario Bros map at first glance. Maybe it's also a way to kill two birds with one stone.

Careful friends may have noticed that on the console, there is also a game cartridge named "Burger Games", it is not clear whether there will be new games made in cooperation with McDonald's, or the old FC era of several old games.

According to current information, the limited console is likely to be released on May 28, McDonald's Burger Day, but there will be a limited supply of the device, which will force customers to wait outside the restaurant in the early hours of the morning.

Have you played all the devices in Gametown?

Now large shopping malls are inevitable to build a game city, in addition to adults can play, children can also participate in it, but there are so many game equipment in the game city, and which ones have been loved by people? Let the experienced producer of game machines - Stubborn Friends toys tell you!

1. Doll clamping machine

Clip the doll machine this need not say more, not only is the children's paradise, even many adults can not help but want to throw a few game coins for it.

And why is it so popular? First natural because the operation is simple, just put the game currency in the currency, it can be adjusted through the direction of stem/direction key clip position, to want to position taken after a drop clip key can, for all ages, is very easy to use, if put the doll to the mouth, so congratulations you, the doll is yours; Moreover, inside of small goods attractive enough and easy to satisfy people's curiosity and novelty, in order to attract more participants, now in addition to the doll, doll machine also joined the small gifts or new items, such as candy, other toys, and in order to meet the different needs of people's preferences, and because is too hot, also spawned "reality clip dolls" game experience, many people are attracted to this, Can't help but join in; Of course, in addition to this, the doll clip machine single cost is less, the time is short, the floor area and the game operation area compared with other game city equipment can occupy the advantage, these all together constitute the popular reasons for the doll clip machine. So it's so popular, so you naturally want to let the public feel the excellence of their products, so, have you ever played the toy machine? Did you get something else?

Have you played all the devices in Gametown?

2. Shooting machine

To ask what is the most well-known sports in modern and contemporary times, basketball is absolutely one of them, basketball is so hot, game manufacturers will not miss such a good opportunity, so the shooting machine successfully joined the game city equipment, like the clip doll machine, shooting machine is also one of the indispensable equipment in each game city.

To ask why it is so popular, start with a psychological analysis. Basketball is now so popular that both players and onlookers know the basics of scoring. The happiness and relaxation brought by shooting can be felt in the shooting machine, and the shooting machine has more chances to score than the normal basketball court, so that people can feel the happiness of scoring more easily when shooting games. This game is also very popular with Toys, so We have produced a variety of hoops for anyone of any age.

3. Whac-a-mole Machine

Whack-a-mole machine everyone not unfamiliar, has always been a game to the fire equipment, random jump out of the ground squirrels in the multiple hole or other items, take the hammer hit can score quickly, to the old man to all appropriate, the doll can exercise the response ability of people, including the mind and action, so a lot of people like to play through whack-a-mole machine test your sensitivity, Have you tried that?

Youtubers have made big Xbox Series X consoles

Ever since Xbox unveiled its Xbox Series X refrigerator in 2020, many Xbox fans have wondered if Microsoft could make a playable Xbox Series X the same size as the refrigerator all the way. One YouTube content creator did just that, as they built a large playable Xbox Series X console that was donated to the YMCA Youth and Youth Development Center in Atlanta, Georgia.

YouTube user Michael Pick posted a video on June 20 about making a giant playable Xbox Series X game console, along with instructions on how Xbox fans can do the same thing at home. Michael Pick's DIY project was partly inspired by the Xbox Series X refrigerator that Xbox gave away as part of a competition launched around the next-generation console, and he noticed a lack of detail. Since then, Xbox fans have been able to buy their own Xbox mini-fridge, but That's not enough for Michael Peake.

Youtubers have made big Xbox Series X consolesBecause Michael Pick's Xbox Series X piece is six and a half feet tall, the massive frame comfortably accommodates a real Xbox Series X console, located in an easy-to-open drawer on the back of the device. A 3D-printed stand holds the Xbox Series X console in place, while servo motors strategically placed on the frame send input signals from the oversized Xbox Series X to the smaller console inside, making it respond to any command just like a regular Xbox. This means that the power button on the giant Xbox powers the internal console like an arcade, while the Xbox Series X disk drive does its job by receiving inserted disks and popping them out immediately after the eject button is pressed.

In addition to creating flat vents near the top of its massive Xbox Series X, Michael Pick also provides SPECIAL 3D-printed vents for the top that bend like an actual Xbox Series X console. Michael Pick laments the lack of proper input for the Xbox mini fridge and its large counterpart, and has precisely designed and 3D-printed huge USB, HDMI, and LAN ports that fit into the corresponding slots at the back of their custom unit, Match their location with an Xbox Series X. Michael Pick uses the power button to make it transparent, so that once the giant Xbox is turned on, light can pass through. The Xbox symbol is a white hue below, and the top emits a green light.

While many YouTube viewers applauded Michael Peake's playable giant Xbox Series X, others celebrated its arrival at the Atlanta YMCA. Michael Pick earned a Guinness World Record for creating this working Xbox Series X with the world's largest Xbox console, and many reviews were enthusiastic. Some YouTube viewers were also quick to point out that the Xbox fridge might have let Michael Pick down when it didn't work like the Xbox, but if it weren't for the playable 6.5-foot Xbox Series X, Xbox might not have acknowledged the content creator.

What are the main entertainment facilities for children in game City?

Generally speaking, video game consoles are often used in video game city some arcade equipment and products. After 40 years of development, our country's video game arcade industry has created a huge number of players like pai Le game machines and other devices. When we want to open a game hall, we need to choose which animation game equipment is suitable for some of it. Here we will give you a brief introduction to the types of equipment in the game city:

Carnival trivia, darts, balls, headshots, bullfighting, roping, Truth or Dare, boxing

What are the main entertainment facilities for children in game City?

Vr movement hall, vr education, vr somatosensory devices, drive vr, vr car racing, vr music children entertainment machine role-playing, intense man electric go-kart, children's games, children gifts series, water jet shot ball, patted music class, elegant and bumper cars, Mars children trampoline interactive simulation movement hall project - hot simulation golf, simulate the tennis, Simulated shooting, simulated goalball, simulated interactive bowling, interactive basketball, simulated goalball, simulated tennis simulator

Safety education simulation class, dancing machine, music simulation class, camera equipment class, motorcycle class, sports simulation, engineering simulation class, dance cube, racing class

Here comes AMD's Zen 4 console

In addition to Nintendo, AMD's chip solutions have been used in games from SONY, Microsoft and Valve.

According to MLID, AMD is working on a new console chip, and from the specs that have surfaced, it looks like they're targeting the next generation Steam Deck.

The new U processor is based on the Zen 4 architecture, 4-core 8-thread design, and the GPU part is upgraded to RDNA3, so it is AMD's 4nm mobile APU product, code-named "Phoenix Point".

Here comes AMD's Zen 4 consoleThe Steam Deck handheld console that has been sold at present adopts THE low power APU of AMD's customized Van Gogh family, with Zen 2 CPU architecture and RDNA2 GPU. The chip paper performance is roughly equivalent to that of Rayon 3 Pro 4450U+MX450, which can run the latest AAA game smoothly.

According to AMD, THE RDNA3 outperforms the RDNA2 by more than 50% per watt.

Check the external equipment of the game machine

Can you imagine running a video game on this big thing down here?

Yes, it was the original video game console. In 1952, a tic-Tac-toe game was played on a vacuum tube computer. Video games were introduced in the 1970s as a commercial entertainment medium and became the basis of a significant entertainment industry in Japan, the United States and Europe in the late 1970s.

Today, video games can be played on many electronic devices, PC,PS,XBOX,NS,FC, etc. Even on mobile phones, we can play two games every day, anytime, anywhere.

For millennials, millennials, 90s and even 80s, the video games of their childhood are an important part of many people's life memories. And among those memories there must be an add-on to one of those games consoles.

In the era of FC game consoles, there is a FC game at that time must be the children of rich families. But when these rich kids are playing a game and suddenly pull out a gun and shoot at the screen, that's what today's gamers would call high-end gamers.

It was pretty dark tech at the time. I didn't understand how you could hit an enemy on screen. But really playing the game is the most important thing. In order to compete with a few friends for the use of the game gun, even the guessing line up.

Check the external equipment of the game machineWhen I was in middle school, PS1, which is more advanced than FC, appeared in a roadside arcade. It was a great time to charter a plane by the hour and play soccer with a joystick. But such add-ons still exist

I'm short on knowledge, but I've never played PS1 with a controller like this before, and I don't know if it's any easier to play.

It was released in North America on March 24, 2005 and PAL on September 1, 2005. It was the first portable device in the PS series. It was all about playing games on the PSP, and who the hell knew you could plug in a camera. For those of you who have had a PSP camera, tell me what the experience is.

With the advent of the new era, game consoles have evolved greatly, and the peripherals that come with them are much more colorful than they were in the early years.

SONY has released the PS4VR in keeping with The Times. What used to be sitting on a couch with a controller looking at a TV screen is now immersive.

When combined with the PS4VR special handle, you can interact with the NPC in the game and bring yourself into the game.

Nintendo is one of the big players in the console world, and when they released the Nintendo Switch, they gave gamers a different experience of how to play games.

When you take the fitness ring, do the corresponding action against the screen to beat strange, not only get an interesting game experience, but also fitness weight loss, the taste: mother no longer need to worry that I am a fat game.

Besides fitness rings, there are others, such as these simple peripherals made out of paper shells. It allows you to operate the steering wheel as if you were driving a car, or to cast a fishing pole as if you were at the beach. That pose is as good as it gets

Just when you can't get enough of these seemingly simple game peripherals, these high-end products come along

VR horses

These immersive games require gaming equipment. For example, this VRE war horse can restore the real scene of the war in the era of cold weapons. It is an entertainment device combining riding action and interactive game experience. The equipment will be integrated into the body sense, can achieve riding running action, speed, jolting, shaking degree. Sit on the saddle, wear VR glasses, hold the REINS to experience the pleasure of galloping. This way of playing breaks down the limitations of the place and allows for live fun to be played indoors.

Of course, for the most popular phones, a good gamepad is king. Simplify the game operation difficulty, but also enhance the feel, the most important is cheap.

What game peripherals have you had?

CNC band sawing machine daily system maintenance is very important, attention to detail is the key

CNC band saw is a kind of multi-functional, adapt to the wide range of machinery, function commonly the main said is again cutting band saw, cutting band saw again the adaptation in furniture manufacturing material cutting, cat scratch board corrugated paper cutting, is suitable for mass production enterprises, including some high-end carbon crystal silicon, graphite and other cutting that can see the shadow of the CNC band saw. As the daily maintenance of common machinery is also very important, the daily maintenance and attention to problems of NUMERICAL control band saw machine, help us to correctly use numerical control band saw machine.

1. Minimize the opening of the distribution box door of the CNC band saw machine to prevent oil mist and dust in the air from falling into the printed circuit board or electrical components of the CNC system;

2. Prevent CNC equipment from overheating. Ensure that the cooling ventilation system is in good operation;

3. Regular maintenance of CNC system input/output devices, monitor the power grid voltage is in accordance with the requirements of CNC equipment, and regularly inspect and replace the battery for storage (because the battery voltage drops to * * * values, the data will be lost, so it is necessary to check the battery voltage, when the battery voltage drops to limit or the battery voltage alarm occurs, The battery must be replaced in time. Generally, replacing the battery requires powering on the NUMERICAL control system to ensure that the stored parameters will not be lost. Therefore, the parameters of the NUMERICAL control band saw machine need to be backed up. - Enter after replacing the battery.

CNC band sawing machine daily system maintenance is very important, attention to detail is the key

4. Strictly implement the daily maintenance rules and regulations of CNC band saw machine. The parameters of CNC band saw machine cannot be changed at will. If parameters need to be modified, record the modification.

Normal maintenance can prolong the service life of CNC band saw machine, ensure the normal operation of saw industry machinery, normal mass production.